Five people including child killed in explosion in bomb attack in Hpapun’s Laywa village


Hpapun, January (14)

According to the Karen Human Rights Group, five local people, including a 2-year-old child, were killed, and a lot of houses,including a church and a school, were damaged due to the aerial bombing of Laywa village in KNU Brigade 5’s Hpapun District.

The military aircraft conducted attacks on Laywa village in Luthay village tract under KNU’s Hphaput District around 2 pm on January, killing five villagers including one child and injuring two others.

The injured were taken to the nearby clinic for treatment, the KHRG said.

At least eight bombs exploded in the community, causing damage to the temple, school, other structures, 21 homes, and cattle.

The Karen Women’s Organization (KWO) reported that nine explosives blew up in the village, killing a total of 5, including a woman and her 2-year-old kid, a member of the church committee, and a Christian priest.

The military council is engaging in extreme acts of terrorism, leaving him speechless and disgusted by its atrocities, according to Padoh Man Man, spokesman for the KNU Brigade 5.

Despite the cease-fire declaration, the four military aircraft dropped bombs on the villages—Maewyne, Domaekhee and Khalokhee—and on field work in Hpapun’s Dwelow Township on January 3, and another bombardment on Laehtu Phoe and Yargihtar market in Maethu village on January 7.

According to Brigade 5, the junta’s shelling on January 7 resulted in the deaths of six civilians and the damage of seven structures, including a hospital, forcing the locals to live in fear. News-Than Lwin Times


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