Local defence groups attack immigration offices, security checkpoint in Magwe region


Thayet, 17 January

 Local anti-military affiliated groups conducted attacks on immigration offices in Thayet and Mindon townships, as well as a security checkpoint of the junta forces in the northern side of Kanma Township of Magwe Region in three days.

The attacks happened at immigration offices in Thayet Township on 13 January and in Mindon Township on 14 January. The security checkpoint at the northern side of Kanma Township was also under attack in the following day.

A spokesperson of a resistance group, the Eagle Force, said to the Than Lwin Times, that there was no causality despite some damages at the buildings.  

He added that the attack was aimed to convey a message not to recognize elections planned by military junta next year.  He also urged all the people to oppose the fraudulent elections in various means. 

The checkpoint was attacked by using three remote-controlled mines. Two of them blasted, but the remaining and strongest did not exploded, failing to confirm the damages until now.

 The Eagle Force, the joint people defence forces of Thayet, Kanma and Mindon townships in Thayet district, has been carrying out frequent attacks in the region since December 2022, with the future plans for more intense attacks on the military council.

News- Than Lwin Times

Photo- The Eagle Force


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