Kyainseikkyi, 18 September

Joint forces of Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) raided a Yetalyauk camp of military council near Myanmar-Thai borer in Kawkareik township, Kayin state, on 14 September.

KNLA’s Duplaya district battalion reported that the raid lasted around 25 minutes from 7:55 am to 8:20 am on the military camp in Paikalan village of KNU’s Brigade 6 area.

The joint mission was carried by KNLA’s Battallion 18 and joint resistance forces, killing 9 soldiers and many fled, while one member of resistance force died and three injured.

The resistance forces also confiscated a large haul of military equipment such as bullets, gerenades, landmines, telecom devices, rockets and 12 guns.

The report of KNLA said that soldiers and their family members  have got upset due to the raids of the resistance forces  on the military camps in KNU’s Brigade 6 area, guerilla attacks and ambushes almost every day, and some soldiers fled their camp and some have defected to KNU and resistance forces.

KNU and joint forces have raided Yetalyauk. Camp in Brigade 6, Sarlawkyokhaepu camp in Brigade 5 in Hpapun district and Thitchaseik camp in Mone township of Brigade 3 in Nyaunglaybin district.

News—Than Lwin Times


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