Moebye, 18 November

Resistance alliance forces reported that they have seized a large amount of weapons and ammunition from 9 military outposts, including the 518th Light Infantry Battalion based in the Moebye region, Kayah State (Karenni) 

Although the military council launched almost 30 air strikes and more than 500 artillery fires during five days of fighting, they could not stop the attacks of revolutionary forces.

 Four 4 civilians were reportedly killed and 6 were injured due to the junta’s airstrikes and heavy weapons fire.

The revolutionary forces occupied the junta’s stronhold camps such as the 518th Light Infantry Battalion, Wari Suphalai, Dong Du Thang, Pwegone 3, Pwegone 1, Nyaungwine, Pekingkokhu, Songkang and Sikhar. 

Among them, the 518th Light Infantry Battalion camp has been stationed for more than 1 year on Setdawya hill in Mobye, as well as an important place for them, according to the revolutionary forces.

Currently, the military council soldiers are abandoning their weapons and fleeing in the battles between Pekon and Moebye, so the revolutionary forces are clearing the area, according to the statement.

This operation was jointly carried out by  the Central Military Region, Shan Mountain Strategy (1); The battalions are 1001 (Moebye Battalion-1); 1002 (Pekon Battalion-1); 1006 (Pekon Battalion – 2), 1007 (Moebye Battalion-2); 1004 PKS PDF, Shan Mountain Strategy (2); 1003, 1005, 1008, 1009 and 1011 Battalion, KNDF Strategy (1) KNDF Battalion -3, KNDF Battalion-11, KNDF Battalion-22 and the Urban Revolutionary Front (URF). 

News – Than Lwin Times

Photo – Moebye PDF

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