Junta threatens to prosecute tax evaders beginning in January of next year


Yangon, November (23)

On November 16, the Military Council’s Internal Revenue Department issued a public ruling stating that tax evasion offenders will face charges beginning January 1 of the following year.

The Internal Revenue Department issued this public ruling in order to clarify to the public, the terms and provisions of tax avoidance, underpayment of tax, false or misleading tax information and tax evasion.

The statement said that if any person fully understands the tax laws and breaches the tax ethics with the purpose of avoiding the tax and acting to reduce the taxable income or tax liability, it shall be regarded as tax avoidance.

If a person commits such acts as deliberate failure to file a tax return for the period, underreporting of income and proceeds of sales, fraudulently claiming reliefs, fraudulently applying for depreciation, or using or submitting false documents, it shall be regarded as negligent or fraudulent underpayment.

An economist said that people are unable to pay taxes due to a lack of security at the tax office and electricity offices, and business problems.

The department said the following matters are included in false or misleading statements: intentional omission of income and proceeds of sales; declaration of false or misleading statements in a tax return; keeping or submitting false or misleading accounting records and documents; importing or exporting commodities illegally; transferring the assets to avoid recovery of tax; omission of the bank account information; and keeping more than one financial statement.

The public ruling added if any person commits or offends any of those cases, shall be taken action by the Tax Administration Law as well as may also be prosecuted by the Anti-Money Laundering Law.

If a person violates or violates tax laws, or causes massive losses in a state’s revenue as a result of any failure to comply with a tax obligation, it is considered tax evasion and is subject to criminal proceedings and penalties specified as tax evasion offenses, according to the Internal Revenue Department.

News-Than Lwin Times


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