April 25, 2024. (Than Lwin Times)

Following the implementation of the conscription law, the Junta usually employed a lottery system or drawing straws, to select young individuals for military service, yet in Magway this process has been by-passed. Arbitrary arrests are being made to forcibly enlist youths into the military.

Local youth have been arrested in Pwintphyu and Myothit towns, under the pretext that they had provided logistical support to the People’s Defense Force (PDF). In fact those arrested iwere coerced into military service, with at least five such cases reported in Pwintphyu alone, according to a local.

“They were arrested for allegedly supporting PDF. If they are not from families with sufficient financial standing, they will undoubtedly be sent to the frontlines. The situation is already quite dire”, he said.

Similarly, 17 young males from Innywargyi village tract in Myothit Township, and 2 from Magyikone village were forcibly abducted for compulsory military service.

In Magway Region, instances have arisen where resistance forces have taken action against individuals who aided or promoted the Junta’s conscription law.

In Minbu District, local resistance forces have issued warnings that individuals who encourage public participation in the Junta’s military service will be labeled as pro-Junta advocates, and will face severe consequences.

In Salin, over 20 administrative officials and advocates for the conscription law were assassinated in March and April, leading to a wave of resignations among administrative personnel due to heightened fear.

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