Hard-hit regime troops prepare for massive invasion in KNU’s Nyaunglaybin


Nyaunlabybin, November (24)

The junta troops that suffered heavy casualties during the fighting have made extensive preparations for operations against the KNLA forces stationed in the Nyaunglaybin District of the KNU, according to the KNU’s statement released on November 23.

After the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) attacked and captured the regime’s Bawkahtar, Thanseik, and Tonddadar camps in the area of the 3rd Brigade of Nyaunglaybin District on November 12, the Military Council has set to carry out operation.

At the moment, the police and administration have warned residents in Chaydawyar, Kywete, and Kywete (New Ward) to evacuate temporarily because regime forces may cause damage during their invasion.

According to a KNU statement, the military council has organized a squad of soldiers, as well as tanks and artillery vehicles, to advance from Shwekyin to the KNLA camps.

A spokeswoman for the Karen Peace Support Network (KPSN), Saw Lay Kapaw said “Human rights abuses committed by the military council army against the locals in Brigade 3 of Nyaunglaybin District, where the battle is fierce, have gotten worse. They invaded the villages, destroyed residents’ homes, and subjected the villagers to torture “.

At this time, the authorities have mandated that the vehicles parked on the street in the wards of Shwekyin Town be relocated.

According to the KNU, more than 5,000 local residents in the three neighborhoods that received the army’s warning letter to evacuate have not yet been evacuated as of November 21.

The KNU statement claims that the locals are living in fear because military personnel are expanding its forces in Shwekyin and opening fire at night.

The Military Council targeted the civilians and conducted 14 airstrikes in one day after the conflict between the KNLA Joint Forces and the junta forces on November 12 in Shwekyin and Kyaukgyi Township of the 3rd Brigade of Nyaunglaybin District, and more than 20,000 locals from 25 communities have left and are now having trouble.

News-Than Lwin Times


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