Mawlamyine, November (25)

There are delays in travels and fewer passengers, and the operators have cut the number of bus services on the highway by almost half due to the installation of an X-Ray machine at the regime’s checkpoint near Nyaungkharshae village on the road from Mon State to Bago Region.

The Mawlamyine-Yangon highway has an X-ray machine installed by the coup military council due to security concerns, which delays traffic.

On the other hand, fewer people use the roadway because regime troops thoroughly inspect every passenger.

According to an operator, most highway expresses are operating at a loss owing to a lack of passengers, so the bus services must be cut almost in half.

Passenger vehicles have to wait for at least two to four hours to be checked by the X-Ray machine.

A passenger said that he is taking the train more often because taking the bus causes delays for X-ray inspection.

Hundreds of cars are currently congested at the gates that check the vehicles with X-Ray scanners every day, waiting for long periods of time, and due to curfews, passengers must spend the night in nearby areas and on the streets.

Travel and the flow of goods are delayed due to the X-Ray machine installed by the military council for security reasons, so local residents travel only when necessary.

The X-Ray machine was installed on a route mainly used by passengers and trucks in the Mon Karen and Taninthary regions, which caused delays and reduced the number of passengers and flow of goods.

There are at least 73 highway lines in Mon State, and since the military coup, the lack of passengers and deliveries as well as the limitations imposed by the military council have made it difficult for highway expresses to continue operating.

News-Than Lwin Times

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