PDFs don’t torch civilian homes


Real vs. Fake News
Mingalabar! Welcome to Than Lwin Times’ Real vs. Fake News program.
This program verifies fake news and misinformation about revolution events spread on social
media after the military takeover.
Today, the story that was circulated on social media by military supporters, “more arson attacks
by PDFs occurred in Sagaing Region,” will be checked.
On November 28, this content was disseminated via Ba Nyunt’s Telegram account, which
constantly favors the military and disseminates misinformation.
The report was surfaced on social media with footage saying, “The PDFs committed more arson
attacks in Sagaing Region.”
The link below is the fake account of a military supporter.
The Than Lwin Times checked the report and discovered that it was all propaganda.
The video shared by pro-military groups is actually a video posted on April 3 by the Phoenix-
Special Guerrilla Force on their social media page.
This is a video clip of a PDF destroying a fence to prevent the fire from spreading to other areas
after the army burned down villages in the area of Yelaegyun village in Yesagyo Township.
A PDF member said, “Nothing is more agonizing than seeing the homes of our people burned
down. Nothing is more painful than seeing the homes of our people burned down. We failed to
fulfill our responsibility to protect the lives and property of our people that we used to recite
before meals.”
“We must have the strength to fight the junta soldiers. Please sympathize with us and join the
revolution,” said a PDF member of the Phoenix Special Guerrilla Force in a video posted on
April 3.
Therefore, the video posted by junta supporters on social media with the headline “more arson
attacks by PDFs occurred in Sagaing Region” is just a misinformation claim by military lobbyists
as if PDFs committed arson attacks.
Than Lwin Times


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