Military Council instructs staff not to go out after shooting in Mawlamyine


Mawlamyine, November (19)

Following the exchange of fire between the two sides in Mawlamyain, Mon State, the military regime instructed non-CDM personnel not to go out unless absolutely necessary, according to sources close to the situation.

On November 14, an exchange of fire erupted between the regime forces and the People’s Defense Forces (PDF) in Mawlamyine’s Zeyathiri Ward, killing the son of the ward administrator.

Currently, the Military Council has instructed employees to be cautious and to avoid going out unless it is an emergency, as PDF comrades can be found anywhere.

In addition, the office officials warned that if something happens while they are out, their department will not solve it, said the source.

After the exchange of fire between the two sides in Mawlamyine, the military council tightened security in the city and checked the city’s entrance gate, deploying a large number of forces.

Furthermore, the military council constantly monitors people’s movements in the city via CCTV cameras, while police officers in plain clothes patrol in cars and motorcycles.

The five PDF comrades were arrested in the exchange of fire that took place in Mawlamyine, according to the Mawlamyine-based Underground Task Force.

News-Than Lwin Times


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