A handful of students attend classes in Ye although schools reopen under junta’s pressure


Ye, November (22)

The coup council forced schools to reopen, but schools in the northern part of Mon State’s Ye Township are said to have very few students, the residents and the students’ parents told Than Lwin Times.

On November 20, the military council met with officials from the schools in the northern region of Ye, which were closed due to security reasons, and the local village administrators, and pressured them to reopen the schools.

A resident said that most of the schools have reopened due to pressure from the military council, but the students’ parents still do not dare to send their children to school.

The military council has recently ordered the reopening of schools in the northern region of Ye, which are also being surrounded by soldiers and militiamen.

On November 9, the Ye Township People’s Defense Force (YPDF) warned schools in the northern Ye area to be closed due to the military tension between the two sides.

Mon State’s head of education did not answer Than Lwin Times’s query about the school conditions in the northern region of Ye.

Ye Township has over 30,000 students enrolled in at least 278 schools.

News-Than Lwin Times


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