Kyaikmaraw, November (22)

At least 10 civilians were killed by the military council’s continuous airstrikes after KNLA joint forces stormed the police station in Taungkalay village, Kyaikmaraw township, Mon state, the residents told Than Lwin Times.

The two forces began to fight after the KNLA joint team captured the police station of the Military Council in Taungalay village on the Kyainseikgyi-Mudon highway around 5 am on November 21.

During the intense fighting between the two sides, the military council carried out several attacks using aircraft from morning to evening while regime artillery at the foothills of khunhnakhwe Mountain in Mudong Township opened fire continuously.

According to information obtained by Than Lwin Times up to 5:00 pm, the airstrikes killed two civilians and injured at least eight others.

According to sources close to the military council, eight people were killed in the battle, including five soldiers and three police.

The regime’s heavy weapons and airstrikes have destroyed homes, and the fighting is also having an adverse effect on the locals.

The People’s Administration of Kyainseikgyi Township has announced that the military regime will not allow rescue operations.

More than 2,000 local residents of Taungkalay, Hlakazaing, Hpanon, Kadar, Thayatgone, Meethwegon and Kyandaw villages have been forced to flee their homes due to the airstrikes by the Military Council, and most of them are hiding inside their homes.

The joint forces of the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) set fire to the military regime’s Taungalay police station after raiding it.

News-Than Lwin Times

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