Mawlamyine, 25 January

Myanmar people inevitably had to opt for armed struggles due to the violent oppression of junta regime although the political crisis should be solved at the table, said Vice President of National Unity Government Duwa Lashi La.

He said, at the 4th meeting of NUG this year on 24 January morning, “We have firmly determined to complete our task. We will exert more efforts in our defensive war. Systematic preparations must be made for the total war. Our people must win in this revolution.”

He added that Myanmar struggled for liberation from the Japanese and British colonial rules over 70 years ago, and people now are fighting again to root out fascist military.

Myanmar has suffered the longest civil war in the world, and the Spring Revolution also has a ‘silver lining’ to end this trend. 

 The vice-president added that although some political leaders used to oppose armed struggle in the past,  they have realized that it is of critical importance of Spring Revolution to stop the military dictatorship.

He also advised that ‘revolution stamina’ needs to be improved for eradication of military dictatorship through all-out  war to build up a federal democracy nataion.

News—Than Lwin Times

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