KNLA joint forces seize junta’s Mae Kha Hta military outpost


Kawthoolei, March (31)

The KNU Brigade 5 reported on March 30 that its joint force captured Mae Kha Hta, a strategic military base for the military council in Hpapun District of Kawthoolei, in 45 minutes.

The Mae Kha Hta base, situated on the bank of the Salween River close to the Thai border, was occupied by the combined force of KNLA Brigade 5 on March 28 at 5 a.m., and the battle only took 45 minutes, according to the statement.

After the battle, 16 people were killed and seven were injured on the junta side, and five of the injured crossed the river and escaped to Thailand, where they are being treated by the Thai troops, the statement said.

According to a statement from the 5 th Brigade, they seized 23 different kinds of heavy weapons,more than 3,000 rounds of ammunition, small arms, walkie-talkies, phones, battery packs, andmilitary pants after invading the Mae Kha Hta camp.

In the raid, one comrade from KNLA lost his life and eight others were injured, the statement said.

The junta troops at Mae Kha Hta camp abuse the passersby by interrogating them, threatening them, shooting them, and forcibly asking for food.

According to the KNU’s (Mutraw) report, the Mae Kha Hta camp was an old camp of the KNLA,which was taken over by the military regime in 1995 after the fall of the KNU headquarters, Mar Nae Palaw.

News-Than Lwin Times



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