Kyaikto, October (25)

The displaced people in KNU Brigade 1 are suffering from malaria and diarrhea, the officials told Than Lwin Times.

Since Oct 12, military council launched massive offensive in Kyaikto Township, opening fire into the villages and set fire to houses, forcing 8,000 people to flee.

Major Saw Kyaw Myint, Chairman of KNU’s Allied Supervisory Committee, said that at least 60 people were suffering from malaria and diarrhea due to the lack of clean drinking water and toilets, as well as a lack of blankets and mosquito nets amid bad weather.

“The cold weather and displacement make them suffer from diseases such as malaria and diarrhea,” he added.

Medical staff under the KNU’s Thathong District follow up and treat people who have been displaced from the conflict, but there is a need for the increasing number of cases.

Currently, the displaced people are in need of medicine, food, warm clothes, blankets, mosquito nets, shelter and humanitarian aid.

There are ongoing conflicts between the military council and KNLA joint forces after regime forces invaded Kyaikto since October 12.

News – Than Lwin Times

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