Ye Balu resistance group attacks regime forces who came to check Mytel tower


Ye, Jaunuary (3)

The Ye Balu, the resistance force, ambushed the military personnel who came to inspect Mytel tower near Kyonlaung village in Mon State’s Ye Township on January 2, the locals told Than Lwin Times.

The Ye Balu detonated the military-owned Mytel tower near Kyonlaung village around 9 am on January 2.

After the Mytel tower was attacked, around 10 soldiers who had arrived to check it out in a military truck were again ambushed by Ye Balu.

The blast may have resulted in some fatalities, and the number of casualties is being investigated.

The leader of the Ye Balu announced on social media that the attack killed many members of the Military Council and that they will continue to carry out more attacks in Mon State.

In addition, Ye Balu warned that the junta police must hold accountable the two women who were shot at the Chaung Taung Bridge in Ye Township on January 1.

According to reports, two women riding a motorcycle on Chaung Taung Bridge in Ye Township were shot by security police on the bridge and were seriously injured; they are now being treated at Mawlamyine and Ye hospitals, respectively.

News-Than Lwin Times


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