Group attacked while collecting population data, one soldiers dead in Launglon


Launglon, January (10)

The Dawei Guerrilla Revolutionary Force (DGRF) attacked the group of people who were gathering population data in Kamyawkin village in Tanintharyi Region’ Launglon Township on January 9.

Around 11 a.m., the administrative group, which was guarded by two soldiers, was attacked by the combined forces of the DGRF and PDF.

According to the joint force, one soldier was killed, another was injured, and one rifle was confiscated.

The attack is just a warning, and those taking part in the upcoming military council election will not be held accountable, an official from the DGRF said.

Following the assault, the regime forces searched and barricaded the Kamawkin Bridge, causing a blockade of hundreds of vehicles and motorcyclists.

The coup council intends to collect population data door-to-door from January 9 to January 31 for the election

Revolutionary forces urged people not to participate in the military council’s demographic data collection since it would target CDM staff, students and revolutionists and amount to support 2023 election.

News-Than Lwin Times


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