Mawlamyine, January (8)

The miliary regime is using Mawlamyine Airport in Mon State to send reinforcements, weapons, and food supplies to Karen State, where fighting is raging, the military sources told Than Lwin Times.

The junta has been conducting military operations inside the airport since the evening of January 5, blocking the roads and lanes around Mawlamyine Airport.

According to the sources, the activities are being carried out under the orders of the commander of the Southeast Regional Command.

Currently, the military council has enhanced security and blocked access to the roads near the airport.

According to a local resident near Mawlamyine Airport, military council block the roads around the airport and at least five military planes take off and land there every day.

School buses and other public transportation coming from Mudong have to reroute the other lanes and alleys in the market because they are unable to access the roads near the airport.

On the other hand, the junta troops have tightened security in Mawlamyine city and patrols with massive forces every day.

Despite the blockage of the roads around Mawlamyine Airport, the Mawlamyine-Yangon flight is scheduled to run every Monday and Friday.

News-Than Lwin Times

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