Nearly 70 health workers killed in two years of military coup


Ayadaw, March (3)

The Ministry of Health under the National Unity Government (NUG) reported on February 28 that the military regime killed nearly 70 health workers, arrested nearly 900, and injured more than 780 in two years of military coup.

From January to February 2 of this year, the military has carried out airstrikes on health facilities, arresting, torturing, killing and other acts of inhumane violence against health workers, according to the statement.

on January 21, a 62-year-old woman was killed in an aerial shooting at Bahin Hospital in Magway Region’s Myaing Township, and the hospital’s buildings, including the X-ray machine, were damaged.

The NUG added that on February 19, the junta raided Nwein village in Sagaing Region’s Pale Township, and intentionally burned down a rural health care clinic.

A CDM nurse who returned from treating a woman who had given birth in a jungle in Bago was caught by the army and tortured during interrogation, and was raped and shot dead on February 16, according to the statement.

Moreover, a CDM senior nurse was also arrested and killed on February 21 when the army invaded Moedar Gyi village in Katha Township.

The NUG criticizes the intentional targeting of the health sector by junta as a flagrant violation of the Geneva Convention, UN Security Council resolutions, international laws, and domestic laws.

The NUG’s Ministry of Health strongly condemned the military council’s terrorist actions and urged the international community to use all possible means to prevent and take action against the military regime as soon as possible.

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