Junta lobbyists blame NUG for Tartai village massacre


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media after the military takeover.

 Today, we will check the content that was spread by junta supporters: Han Nyein Oo, Phi Chit Thar, and Myanmar Hard Talk, entitled ” In Tatai village of Sagaing Region, the PDFs under the command of  NUG killed the local resistance forces after calling a meeting”.

This content has been disseminated on junta lobbyists’ Telegram accounts since March 8.

The report said: “In Tatai village, Sagaing Region, the PDF under NUG called a meeting of local resistance forces and killed them. Both the Local Defense Forces and the People’s Defense Forces are under the NUG, but have been killing each other due to financial issues”, along with some images.

When Than Lwin Times checked the post shared by military supporters, it was found to be propaganda.

In fact, this incident happened on March 1 when the junta raided the Tartai village in Sagaing, it was found that the military lobbyists re-edited the photos of the bodies of the leader of the revolutionary forces and some local residents and spread the false information to create the illusion that they killed each other.

On February 29, the army suddenly raided the village of Tatai in Sagaing, and hacked to pieces a leader of a revolutionary group from Tatai village, Myanmar Now news agency reported, quoting local residents.

In addition, the military council killed 14 other local people who were taken hostage, including three women, the media reported citing local sources.

Myanmar Now’s Report

 RFA’s report

Mandalay_Free_Press’s Report


According to the reliable sources mentioned above, “In Tatai Village of Sagaing Region, the PDFs under the command of NUG killed the local PDFs after calling a meeting” is merely false information spread by junta supporters.

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