Junta suffers heavy casualties in Myawaddy’s Lat Khat Taung battle


Myawaddy, 18 August

Myanmar military forces, which launched a heavy offensive to recapture the Lat Khat Taung tower hill camp near Myawaddy, Karen State, retreated after suffering heavy losses, said the resistance forces.

On 15 August, the junta troops and the Border Guard Force (BGF) advanced towards Lat Khat Taung tower hill camp using heavy artillery and conducting air strikes, and engaged with the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) joint forces.

A total of 15 military personnel, including one colonel and one captain, were killed and 21 others were injured, a large amount of weapons and ammunition were seized, reported Cobra column on 16 August.

 The junta army carried out six airstrikes and more than 300 artillery rounds, and two comrades from the KNLA joint forces were killed and five others were injured in the fighting.

On the same day, the advanced junta troops retreated from the foothills of Lat Khat Taung to the Mytta Lin Myaing camp of the Karen Border Guard Force (BGF).

On 21 July, the KNLA’s Cobra column and its affiliated resistance forces captured the junta’s strategically important Lat Khat Taung tower hill camp near Myawaddy in KNU Brigade 6.

The junta army has been attempting to regain Lat Khat Taung camp since early August, but has been unable to capture it for more than two weeks.

A lance Corporal and a private from the regime forces who were trying to recapture the camp defected to the KNLA along with heavy and small arms, reported Cobra Column.

News-Than Lwin Times

Photo-Cobra Column


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