Junta seals off house of Kyaikto resistance fighter’s mother-in-law


Kyaikto, 18 August

The military council sealed off the house of the mother-in-law of Ko Ye Thway Nyi, a member of the Kyaikto Revolutionary Force (KRF), in the northern ward of Kyaikto, Mon State, according to locals and a spokesperson of the People’s Defense Force (PDF).

Members of the northern ward administration, including soldiers and police, cordoned off the residence of mother in-law of Ko Ye Thway Nyi, where he used to live, at around 10 a.m. on 17 August 17.

The military council had warned the family members to evacuate the house four days before seizing the house of Ko Ye Thway Nyi’s mother-in-law.

Before the coup, Ko Ye Thway Nyi was a quiet person with ironwork business. He protested against the coup and took up arms.

Ko Ye Khin Nyi’s wife is a school teacher and joined the Civil Disobedient Movement (CDM) when the military seized power.

Military lobbyists propagandize that Ko Ye Thway Nyi’s home was sealed off because he was involved in several attacks on soldiers, including the bombing of the Good Cial restaurant in Kyaikto and the shooting at the bus station on Kyaiktiyo mountain road.

A resident criticized the action of the military council as causing discord between the revolutionary forces and their family members, as well as instilling fear.

The military council sealed off at least 20 homes of the NLD’s Hluttaw representatives, activists, and PDFs during the coup in Kyaikto Township and confiscated their properties.

News: Than Lwin Times

Photo: Military Council’s Propaganda Channel


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