Myanmar military carried out artillery and aerial attacks on Mung Lai Hka IDP village in Laiza, Kachin state, on 9 October night. The National Unity Government reported on 10 October that at least 30 civilians were killed and 57 were injured in the incident.

It also said the military council deliberately targeted civilians at IDP camp and it was an act of crime against humanity and war crime.

This interview with U Kyaw Zaw, the Spokesperson of President’s Office of NUG, is about possible actions of their government, justice for deceased people and measures to counter terrorist attack of the military council.

Than Lwin Times: How was Mung Lai Hka IDP camp attack? Which information has NUG got?

U Kyaw Zaw: The  military council carried out artillery attack on the IDP camp in Laiza, Kachin state, around 11:30 pm. They also carried out bombardment. NUG is investigating this incident in collaboration with the alliances on the ground. So far, we have known that the military used high explosive ammunitions. The earth hole where the bomb dropped was about 40 to 50 ft deep and 100 ft width. House around 200 ft to 300 ft were totally destroyed. Security officials are making further investigation at this site. They are working to know the kind of weapon and ammunition the military used in the attack. It has been confirmed that 30 IDPs, including 13 children were killed, and about 57 civilians were injured.

TLT: How will NUG take action on crimes against humanity of the military?

U Kyaw Zaw: We have collected many evidence on terrorist attack of the military council. UNHCR has advised that UN Security Council   should refer the situation in Myanmar to the International Criminal Court (ICC) to investigate the full spectrum of atrocity crimes committed by the military. Actually, the junta targeted IDP camp where there is no  military facility or no armed groups.

This attack on IDPs is a grave crime. NUG is collecting evidence in collaboration with ethnic alliance. The UNSC need to refer this incident to the ICC. Each country is working together to take action. We have reported to UN Security Coucil for action.

TLT: NUG has made an official statement that justice will be sought for the deceased civilians in the incident? Which measures are you taking?

U Kyaw Zaw: Justice must be done locally and internationally. Actually, Myanmar military is violating international law. We have collected strong evidences. At a favorable time and condition, the offenders of these crimes will be taken to the justice in the country.

For the international justice, we are working together with international organizations and partner countries. But it takes times through many steps. However, the justice will not disappear. They will surely be taken to the courts.

NUG also providing assistance to the families of deceased civilians in coordination with our alliance on the ground.

TLT: Myanmar Ambassador to UN U Kyaw Moe Tun also reported this attack at UN meeting. To what extent do you expect on the interest and action of international community?

U Kyaw Zaw:  The ambassador called international community for taking action against Myanmar military at UN. Recently, the military fired heavy weapon shelling on a school in the monastery of Gyotaung village, Wuntho township of Sagaing region, injuring 21 children and one female teacher.  The ambassador reported these war crimes to the UN for the action of UN Security Council. Individual country is working in various means for legal action against the military.  

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