Military Council to ban on travelers who cannot show National Registration Cards


Mawlamyine, April (1)

In the last week of March, the coup junta issued a directive prohibiting passengers who could not show their National Registration Cards from traveling by express.

From April 1, the Coup Military Council’s Ministry of Immigration announced that travelers will no longer be allowed to show letters of recommendation instead of registration.

And they also instructed Express car services not to sell tickets to those without National Registration Cards and to allow them to ride only if they could show their ID cards.

“There are inspections on the way, so you can’t just show a letter of recommendation. At the moment, we are only selling to travelers who can show their ID cards, “said the owner.

The military council’s directive will make travel more difficult for other minorities who do not have their ID cards and for those whose ID cards are damaged.

From April 1, travelling with a letter of recommendation will no longer be allowed, and it also says that those who carry fake IDs and extra fake cards will be prosecuted under the existing law.

Political analysts have criticized that the military council’s order to travel only with a registration card is a nuisance to the people.

News – Than Lwin Times


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