Mawlamyine, April (3)

The military council has instructed to celebrate Thingyan Festival in Yangon in tight security with snipers.

The military council has ordered the deployment of 23 troops and police at the center for the security of the Thingyan Pavilion, and a squadron led by the battalion commander for internal line security.

It also ordered the deployment of a detachment and a traffic police unit, as well as a high-rise building sniper team for external line security.

One CDM police officer warned the urban guerrillas to stay vigilant as the military council has tightened security during Thingyan.

The coup junta has ordered that this year’s Water Splashing Festival to be held in various Regions and States with a huge crowd.

The revolutionary forces demanded that people not participate in the Thingyan to be held by the military council and that Revolution Thingyan be continued.

News – Than Lwin Times

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