Mawlamyine, April (8 )

According to Pado Saw Taw Ni, a spokesman for the Karen National Union (KNU), the number of soldiers leaving the military has surged in recent months in KNU-controlled areas (KNU).

On April 2, a lieutenant colonel and a soldier from the Military Council joined the KNU’s 6th Brigade in Dooplaya District with weapons, and similar instances occurred in Hpapun District’s 5th Brigade.

While the exact number of military council members who joined the KNU could not be disclosed, Pado Saw Taw Ni stated that the KNU has always welcomed increased cooperation.

“Enemies are welcome to join us. The situation is now better than it has ever been. It is preferable when both officers as well as subordinates join us.”

When the military council has been shunned by the world and the people no longer accept it, Pado Saw Taw Ni urges the military forces to join the KNU as soon as possible, warning that there will be no good history to them if they stick with the regime.

Pado Saw Taw Ni said that they are taking care of the detainees and soldiers who have left army according to the KNU’s policy.

At least 60 members of the military council have joined the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) more than a year after coup, according to KNU records.

News – Than Lwin Times

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