Mawlamyine, April (7)

Hoteliers claim that the military council has ordered them not to allow guests without National Registration Cards to stay in hotels and guesthouse.

From April 1, the regime has declared that passengers holding recommendation letters instead of National Registration Cards (NRC) will be denied to travel, and hotels and guesthouses have now been told not to accept guests who cannot show NRC.

Previously, hotels allowed guests to stay with their driver’s licenses or identity cards, now the guests need to show the NRC issued by Ministry of Immigration and Population.

If the hotels do not comply with the regime’s demands, the dictatorship has threatened to take action against them.

“To stay in hotels, the original NRC is required. The coup regime gave notice about that,” said a hotel employee.

The hoteliers were told to report the guest list, and they military council would randomly check the guests.

Hoteliers said the military council’s regulations make it difficult for hotels and guesthouses to survive.
Furthermore, the officials from tourism sectors feel that the military council’s decision will have a negative impact on tourism, potentially resulting in another worst-case scenario for Myanmar’s tourism industry.

News – Than Lwin Times

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