Mawlamyine , April (12)

There are no children taking part in Dawei Children’s Thingyan this year, which is usually held two days before Thingyan Eve Day.

In Dawei, there is a tradition of holding a children’s festival called Thingyan Asan, two days before Thingyan Eve Day.

Being a period of the military coup, there was no one at children’s Thingyan and the children wouldn’t participate in the Water Festivals, a local said.

The military council has built up 8 pavilions in the townships of Long Lone, Dawei, Yebyu, and Thayet Chaung, inviting the public to participate in the festivities.

Furthermore, the regime is attempting to engage music bands to perform at Thingyan, but no band has expressed interest in doing so, and they are currently under pressure.

The Dawei Revolutionary Forces have called for a silent strike against the military rulers on Thingyan Eve Day, rather than participating in the junta’s Thingyan festival.

News – Than Lwin Times

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