Mawlamyine, April (15)

There were no revellers on the second day of Thingyan, A-Kya Day, organized by the regime in Mawlamyine, said the locals.

The main roads of Mawlamyine – Kan Nar road, the lower main road and Baho road were deserted on the eve of Thingyan, with no one engaging in Water Splashing Festivals.

“Along the Kan Nar road, it’s like a regular weekend. No one there. In previous years, the road was full of pavilions. Now it is quiet and dry. There is nothing around Ocean Center and Maung Ngan.

No one built pavilions. So there will be no visitors because there are no pavilions,” one resident commented.

On the eve of Thingyan, the Mon State’s military council unveiled the Mawlamyine central pavilion to commemorate the Thingyan celebration.

At the central pavilion, there were performances, and departmental officials and staff threw water at each other but the public did not take part in the festivities.

The revellers from Mawlamyine visit nearby towns and enjoy the Water Festivals starting on the eve day on Thingyan but this year, the people protest against the regime by refusing to participate in the celebrations and instead celebrate Revolution Thingyan.

Even before the Thingyan, resistance forces and students’ unions in Mon State urged the people to boycott the Thingyan organized by the military council and instead participate in the Revolution Thingyan.

News – Than Lwin Times

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