Mawlamyine, April (16)

As the military council troops again invaded the new settlement of Lay Kay Kaw, fighting with the KNLA coalition forces intensified and the junta troops had to withdraw with heavy casualties, a spokesman for the Cobra column of KNLA reported.

At around 11 pm on April 14, the military council attempted to invade the hills of Lay Kay Kaw with a large force, which were secured by the KNLA joint forces, and heavy fighting erupted between the two sides.

The military council, which entered the area with heavy force, fired artillery shells but due to the resistance of the Cobra column, the junta soldiers retreat with heavy casualties around 3:30 am on April 15, said an information officer for KNLA’s Cobra column.

The troops of Cobra column cleared the area after the battle and confiscated ammunition, bombs, cell phones and military uniforms.

Since April 10, when the military council launched military operations in Lay Kay Kaw, fighting has become more intense, with the military council suffering heavy casualties until its column was distorted.

The battles claimed the lives of around 30 military soldiers, including a battalion commander.
In addition, a captain from the regime’s 44th Division was arrested alive, and the KNLA’s Cobra column confiscated ammunition.

News – Than Lain Times

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