Hpa-an, April (23)

Pado Saw Taw Ni, a spokesperson for the Karen National Union (KNU), responded that unless there are preconditions, there will be no peace talks.

On April 22, the coup leader offered to meet with the leaders of the ethnic armed groups for peace and an end to the armed conflict.

He stated that the ethnic armed groups that will take part in the talks must register two representatives for each group by May 9, and that the date of the talks will be negotiated by the parties.

Pado Saw Taw Ni, a KNU spokesperson, stated that if the military council truly wants peace, it must begin to operate in a peaceful manner, and the military must withdraw from politics and embrace federal democracy.

That is why international participation in the peace discussions with the military council is required, and it cannot take place without preconditions, he stressed.

“We need to assess whether the peace talk is fair or not. It’s pointless to sit down and chat to them.

They were continually interfering with the discussions. Without preconditions, we wouldn’t be able to attend those peace discussions,” said Pado Saw Taw Ni told the Than Lwin Times.

Pado Saw Taw Ni said not only the ethnic armed groups but also the NUG government should be involved in the peace talks invited by the military council.

Despite the military council’s call for peace and a ceasefire, there have been ongoing military offensives against the KNU.

The military council has declared 2022 to be the year of peace , and has promised peace. In reality, there have been a series of military operations across the country, with people being arbitrarily arrested, killed, beaten and looted.

News – Than Lwin Times

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