Mawlamyine, April (22)

Political freedoms and democratic norms have completely disappeared in Mon State, like in the whole country, according to a report released by the New Yamanya Federal Force.

The report, titled ‘Fear and Concerns and Communities’ was released on April 20 by the New Ramayana Federal Force.

According to the report, people in 10 townships in Mon State have been living under the control of the military council’s security, rule of law and regional peace program since the coup.

In addition, when people talk about politics, they communicate with each other in secret and fear that the military council will come and arrest them.

A local resident said he felt imprisoned even if he stayed at home due to the restrictions imposed by the military council.

“The rules are too restrictive, and it is like everyone is in prison,” he told the Than Lwin Times.

According to a report by the New Yamanya Federal Force, political activists and youths are being targeted by the military council and living under constant surveillance and most of the young and middle-aged people who oppose the military dictatorship are arrested.

In addition, Article 144 of the military council’s curfew has been a constraint not only for travelers in Mon State, but also for businesses and families dependent on the rubber industry.

More than a year after the military coup, the people in Mon State have suffered in many areas, including human rights, the economy and society and feel insecure, said the locals.

“Everyday life is not safe because I am worried about when I will be called for investigation. It affects mental security.It also has a lot of economic and social impact. And it is significant that people’s incomes are declining,” the source told the Than Lwin Times.

According to the report, 534 people were arbitrarily arrested in Mon State during the 424 days of the military coup killing 33 civilians including children in the junta’s crackdown.

The report based on interviews with 25 locals and activists from NMSP-controlled area Thaton, Mawlamyine and Dawei including 10 townships in Mon State.

News – Than Lwin Times

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