Belin, April (24)

The civilians from at least seven villages have been evacuated, according to the locals, after the KNDO issued a withdrawal warning to two military council camps in Belin Township.

The Karen National Defense Organization (KNDO) issued a warning on April 20 that it would take effective military action if the military council’s camps did not withdraw from Lay Kay and Wintar Pan villages in Belin Township controlled by KUN Brigade 1.

Nearly 3,000 locals from seven villages, including Lay Kay, Wintar Pan, Kyaukphyar, Kyonesein, Kanme, Yayitkho villages, have fled for safety after the KNDO issued a warning letter.

Fearing conflict, many in the area have fled to adjacent towns and Belin, according to a Belin resident.

The military council’s Lay Kay and Wintar Pan camps have been instructed to leave by 6 p.m. on April 23, but fighting has continued since the military council forces have not withdrawn.

Pado Saw Soe Myint, chairman of the Thaton District of the KNU’s 1st Brigade, told the Than Lwin Times that effective military action would be launched if the military councils did not retreat.

The coup forces have stated that if revolution forces attack military bases while planning peace talks with ethnic armed leaders, they will retaliate effectively.

News – Than Lwin Times

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