Politicians say military leader’s offer of peace talks means political exploitation


Mawlamyine, April (24)

Senior General Min Aung Hlaing’s offer of peace negotiations to ethnic armed leaders has been denounced by the politicians as political exploitation.

On the 22nd of April, he invited the leaders of the ethnic armed groups to meet in person to end the conflict and urged them to send two representatives from each group.

The political analyst, U Pe Than, criticized the military council’s call for talks without a clear constitution for the Federal Union that the ethnic nationalities wanted as political exploitation.

“It would be best if the NUG or the military council could draw up a clear constitution. Except for the political profiteering that the ethnic armed groups trust in the military council and meet with them, this meeting will be meaningless. We are drawn to the path of meeting and discussing. I think both groups (NUG and military council) are doing like that,” U Pe Than told the Than Lwin Times.

In addition, Pe Than remarked that if the military council is unable to come up with a federal constitution, it was just a show.

The coup council’s offer to meet with the leaders of the ethnic armed groups shows that the regime is weakening and failing militarily, said a politician on condition of anonymity.

“The military is currently in a state of weakness. Their stations have been abandoned in a number of locations. It is common for them to say that peace talks will take place if the current situation is not as good as it used to be. This has been the case since the time of the Revolutionary Council. I see a meeting with ethnic armed groups as a way to negotiate with these ethnic armed organizations and divide them with the PDF and the revolutionary coalition,” he told the Than Lwin Times.

Furthermore, the military council’s actions have remained largely unchanged since the coup following in the footsteps of Ne Win’s Revolutionary Council.

The National Unity Government (NUG) and the People’s Defense Forces, which formed from the coup, were barred from the military council’s peace talks, as were revolutionary coalition forces.

The Kachin Independence Organization (KIO) and Karen National Union (KNU), which are now battling with the junta, have stated that they will not negotiate with the regime.

News – Than Lwin Times


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