Mawlamyine, April (27)

The military council announced that it will reopen exam preparation courses for the final year in colleges, degree colleges and universities under the regime’s Ministry of Education.

The government declared that distance learning courses will begin in the first week of May, however the date was postponed on April 18.

The military council has now announced that distance learning courses for the second batch of final year students specializing in Arts will be available from May 19 to 28, and the third batch from June 6 to 15.

“They want to show how successful the administration is. It causes dissensions between the students who attend the classes and those who don’t,” a CDM teacher said.

The coup council, meanwhile, has announced that it will reopen all day courses at universities, degree colleges and colleges on May 12. It comprises day courses for first-year students who passed the 2009-2020 academic year before the pandemic.

University Student Unions as well as the University Administration Council have called for a boycott of the military council-run universities.

News – Than Lwin Times

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