Launglon, April (29)

On the morning of April 28, an oil truck on its way to Mytel Tower was set on fire in Tanintharyi Region’s Kyat Yet Dwin village, Launglon Township, the locals said.

After being interrogated by the local People’s Defense Force near the village of Kyat Yet Dwin, a six-wheeler fuel tank truck approaching the Mytel tower was set on fire.

According to a local, two Mytel employees, including the driver, were released after being cautioned not to collaborate with the military council.

The Launglone People’s Defense Force has claimed for the attack and stated that it will clear the military dictator’s economic stooges as well as any military funding.

The Dawei guerilla group raided the Mytel sales center in Dawei recently, seizing 24 lakhs in cash and two laptop computers.

In Tanintharyi, local resistance forces have frequently attacked on military council-owned Mytel towers after military coup.

News – Than Lwin Times

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