Mawlamyine, May (1)

 The coup regime in Mon State has threatened to shut down bus lines in Mon State if they sell tickets to passengers who cannot show their National Registration Cards (NRC).

The Ministry of Immigration and Population declared on April 1 that persons who travel with a letter of recommendation instead of NRC will no longer be permitted.

The military council has also told bus ticket offices not to sell tickets to anybody who can’t show their NRCs, and only those who can present their NRCs will be allowed to ride the bus.

” The Yangon Motor Vehicles Supervisory Committee (also known as Ma Hta Tha) has stated that if tickets are sold to anyone who cannot show their NRC, the bus service will be terminated. The tickets could not be sold; so, there were only a few passengers. But we only have this business, so we have to keep going,” a bus company owner told The Than Lwin Times.

“Since the military coup, highway express services have become more difficult, with fewer passengers and higher fuel prices, while the military council has instructed the ticket dealers not to sell tickets to passengers who do not have the NRCs.

The dealers are unable to sell tickets to anyone who can only provide a letter of recommendation, so ticket sales are down. made it harder for businesses to run than to expand.

The Mon State’s military council has ordered that anyone entering the state without a National Registration Card (NRC) be denied entry.

Unregistered migrant laborers, minorities, and those who have lost their NRCs are finding it more difficult to travel, according to the military regime’s directive.

In addition, travellers are being subjected to forced inspections at military council checkpoints, which is causing trip delays.

There are 73 express lines in Mon State that connect Mawlamyine to other regions and states.

News – Than Lwin Times

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