Belin, May (6)

The coup council is committing more and more war crimes on a daily basis, Pado Saw Taw Ni, a spokesperson for the Karen National Union (KNU), said.

Local residents are being targeted by military personnel operating in KNU-controlled regions, resulting in civilian fatalities.

Furthermore, citizens have been kidnapped and used as human shields by the military.

Many local villagers in KNU Brigade 6’s Win Ye Township and Brigade 1’s Hpa-an Township have been arrested and utilized as porters and human shields in recent days by the Military Council and the BGF.

KNU spokesman Pado Saw Taw Ni said the military council was committing more and more war crimes and that there were evidences of crimes committed.

“When they targeted civilians, there were casualties. Evidence implies that war crimes are becoming increasingly common. They should’ve come to a halt, but they didn’t. We’ll keep doing what we have to do,” he continued.

Pado Saw Taw Ni said that the actions of the military council were to intimidate the people and to prevent them from supporting the resistances forces.

The Karen Human Rights Group says the daily lives of local people are insecure because the military junta is operating in KNU-controlled areas, perpetrating grave human rights violations.

More than 20,000 people have been displaced in the KNU Brigade 1 area of Thaton District, and roughly 3,000 in Win Ye Township in Brigade 6’s Dooplaya District, and they are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance.

News – Than Lwin Times

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