Military council sets schools on fire; PDFs respond


Yangon, May (21)

Local People’s Defense Forces (PDFs) responded that it is the military council that is setting schools on fire across the country.

General Zaw Min Tun, a spokesperson for the military council, stated at a press conference on May 19 that the PDFs bombed and set fire to more over 500 schools across the nation last year.

He also accused the PDFs of planting landmines in schools, setting up barracks and living there. Most schools in Sagaing Region were destroyed by fire.

“The military council has inhumanely burned downed schools and blamed others. We have all the records. We can show it all. Our PDFs did not burn anywhere, ” said an official from People’s Defense Force in Sagaing.

When the military forces raided the villages, they took up positions in schools and monasteries.

“Villages, including schools, were set on fire by the military council. People are killed. The local people can see who committed the crime. However, the military has openly denied the allegations and accused the People’s Defense Forces of doing so,” said a resident of Sagaing Region.

According to Data for Myanmar, more than 11,400 homes across Myanmar were set on fire between February 1 last year and April 30 this year. The majority of homes in Sagaing Region and Chin State were destroyed by fire.

News – Than Lwin Times


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