Myawaddy, May (21)

Thailand has extradited military personnel and porters who fled to Thailand during a raid on the Thae Baw Bo camp, the border sources said.

Eleven members of the Myanmar soldiers and three porters who fled to Thailand have been detained by Thai military on May 18, and then were transferred to Myawaddy via Mae Sot on the afternoon of May 19.

Regime members who escaped from Thae Baw Bo camp fled through the Myawaddy-Wallay road through the entrance of Thae Baw Bo village, and crossed the Thaung Yin River, said in the statement of Cobra Column.

The Cobra group also confiscated a handgun that had fallen while the junta soldiers were crossing the river.

A total of five soldiers, including a deputy battalion commander and a company commander of the military council, were killed in a battle near the Thai-Myanmar border. The Kare National Union (KNU) said seven people were captured alive and ammunition were confiscated.

Three members of the coalition force of the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) and Karen National Defense Organization (KNDO) have lost their lives for the country, with four others injured.

News – Than Lwin Times

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