Loikaw, May (27)

A large number of displaced children, who fled the fighting in Kayah State, are contracting seasonal flu, the rescue workers told Than Lwin Times.

Displaced children have been infected with seasonal flu since the third week of May, and now about 40 per 100 children are infected.

“There are no blankets or mosquito nets here, so when the children get sick, they get the flu. 30 out of 100 people were infected with the flu. In some places, almost everyone is sick,” said a rescue worker.

Some adults also get the flu from their children, so medical help is urgently needed.

In addition, there are people suffering from diarrhea due to the lack of clean drinking water in the refugee camps.

In Kayah State, fighting broke out between the military council and the local People’s Defense Force after the military coup, and nearly 200,000 locals are living in shelters and refugee camps.

News – Than Lwin Times

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