Dawei, June (8)

The refugee children who escaped the conflict in Tanintharyi Region have lost access to education and basic rights, the Dawna- Tanintharyi Refugee Support Group said.

Children in IDP camps have lost their rights as children, including access to school and the chance to play freely and live joyfully.

Refugee children who are deprived of their basic rights face mental and physical insecurity, with some youngsters experiencing trauma.

As a result, refugee children require a great deal of assistance in order to return to normal, both mentally and physically, an official of the Dawna- Tanintharyi Refugee Support Group told Than Lwin Times.

In the Tanintharyi Region’s Ye Phyu, Dawei, Palaw, and Tanintharyi Townships, there are around 8 000 IDPs, with one-third of them being children.

However, refugee children have not been able to return to their homes due to the clashes when the school reopened.

Dawna-Tanintharyi Refugee Support Group urges people to provide humanitarian assistance to IDPs who have lost their homes and security.

News – Than Lwin Times

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