Yangon, June (8 )

Yangon Region Public Transport Committee (YRTC) officials say they will start cracking down on mob robberies on YBS in Yangon.

The YRTC has asked the Yangon Region authorities to arrest the perpetrators of the mob robberies on passenger buses. And then the Yangon Region authorities handed over the cases to the police force.

YRTC said that police, under the guise of passengers, will soon be arresting the perpetrators of mob robberies on YBS.

“I have heard before that the police, under the guise of passengers, will arrest the robbers. No arrests were reported. No action was taken by the police. Such incidents will continue to happen on YBS every day,” one YBS passenger said.

After the coup, incidents such as pickpocketing, looting and robbing at gunpoint on buses frequently happened.

There are 113 YBS bus lines in Yangon, with more than 3,000 vehicles and about 900,000 daily commuters.

Since the military coup, however, YBS passengers have been living in fear and insecurity.

News – Than Lwin Times

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