Mawlamyine, July (9)

The National Unity Government and the Mon State Interim Coordination Committee (MSICC) discussed ways to counter the military council’s implementation plans.

At the last meeting on July 6, NUG and MSICC discussed ongoing plans and the issues for further cooperation.

“The two sides discussed the approaches to prevent the military council from holding general election, and to respond violation of human rights for confiscating the land to construct the airport the port,” Mi Su Ta Jo, joint secretary (2) of MSICC said.

The Military Council announced on December 10 last year that it had formed a Central Committee for Project Implementation, which is comprised of Union Ministers, to build an international airport and port near Mawlamyine.

 The junta already instructed the local authorities to work on land acquisition, access to electricity, construction of roads, and budget allocations.

The MSICC did not elaborate on how to respond to the junta’s grab of land, election processes, and violation of human rights, but said it would work with other forces in Mon State to oppose the military dictatorship.

The Mon State Interim Cooperation Committee was formed after the military coup, comprising of three Ministers of National Unity Government (NUG) the other three representatives from the National Unity Consultative Council (NUCC).

News – Than Lwin Times

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