Kyaukgyi, July (12)

Due to incessant monsoon rains in the KNU-controlled Naunglaybin District’s Kyaukgyi Township, the shelters are urgently needed for the displaced people, Karen civil society groups told Than Lwin Times.

Since late June, the junta forces have trespassed on Kyaukgyi and Mone Townships in KNU’s Naunglaybin District and clashed with Karen National Liberation Force (KNLA) Brigade-3.

During the fighting, the junta troops continued to fire artillery shells into the villages, forcing more than 100,000 local people to flee.

With incessant rain nearly every day, the displaced people are in need of shelters, said a local Karen social worker in Nyaung Lay Pin District.

He said the KNU and Karen civil society groups in Nyaunglaybin District provided as much humanitarian assistance as possible to the refugees, but assistance was still needed.

Meanwhile, the social workers find it difficult to deliver aid to the IDPs because of the inspections at the military checkpoints.

Among the local people who are fleeing due to the military situation in Nyaunglaybin District were children, women, and the elderly, and now they are facing food and health issues, according to the KNU.

 News – Than Lwin Times

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