Kyaikto, July (13)

The military council fired artillery shells on the areas in Kyaikto in KNU Brigade 1-controlled territory, forcing the locals to flee, an in-charge from Thaton People’s Defense Force told Than Lwin Times.

Since July 9, the military council’s Thein Zayat artillery fired 120 mm shells into Zeepyaung and Pyinkadoe village tracts.

The local families fled their homes in fear of gunfire from the junta, and the exact number of the people who fled is unknown, an official from Thaton District PDF said.

The villagers from Upper Ingabo, Painegone, Pyinkadoegone, Zeepyaung, Kanyinaing and Kyaukyedwin are on the run because of the junta’s continued artillery shelling.

On the other hand, a force of about 1,000 troops has advanced and is hiding in Kyaikto Township.

News – Than Lwin Times

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