Kyaukgyi, July (15)

The KNU said that the junta detained 23 Karen young men in the KUNU-controlled Kyaukgyi Township and assaulted and abused them on the street for the entire day while their hands were tied behind their backs.

The junta armed forces entered Ahlesu and Warpin villages in the Daungmoe village tract of Kyaukgyi Township controlled by KNU Brigade 3 (Nyaunglaybin) and arrested the villagers.

Among the arrested villagers, only the Karen youths were beaten with their hands tied behind their backs on the street for a whole day, but nothing was done to the Bamar people, the largest ethnic group, said in the KNU’s statement.

The Karen youths have not been released yet, so their family members are worried, a member of the local Karen civil society in Nyaunglebin District told Than Lwin Times.

He added that, “the soldiers did not take the girls away. But the boys were beaten with their hands tied behind their backs. It has been said that they were in the village where they were camping. The young men have not been fed for two days. The Bamar people have been released, while the Karen youths are still in custody”.

According to the KNU, the military forces arrested the villagers, ransacked their homes, and took away valuables.

In addition to arresting civilians and using them as human shields, the junta army started firing indiscriminately with heavy weapons in Kyaukgyi Township from the morning of July 14, the locals said.

The Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) Brigade 3 has clashed with junta armed forces who invaded and carried out military operations in Kyaukgyi and Mone Townships under the control of KNU Brigade 3 (Nyaunglaybin District).

The junta army has been carrying out targeted attacks and bombings of civilians’ villages and homes during the fighting.

The statement also stated that the regime forces are working on a national-level policy of violence, killing and torturing all the communities in the country.

News – Than Lwin Times

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