Pekon, July (15)

On July 13th, the Pekon People’s Defense Force attacked the junta troops stationed near the village of Song Nang Khe, on the border of Shan and Kayah State , and five military personnel were reportedly killed.

In the afternoon of July 13, the Pekon PDF attacked the military council’s camp near Saung Nang Khe and Taung Po Kwe villages on the east bank of Pekon Lake.

The fighting lasted for about an hour, and the military council retaliated with heavy weapons.

Since May, the junta armed forces have advanced towards Saung Nan Khe village, setting fire to the houses of locals and looting valuables, a PDF comrade told Than Lwin Times.

The PDFs had frequently skirmishes with junta forces stationed at Saung Nan Khe village.

News – Than Lwin Times

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