Mobye, July (19)

 Since the morning of July 18, intense fighting has been going on between the People’s Defense Forces (PDF) and the junta armed forces in Mobye, the border town of Shan State and Kayah State.

A house was destroyed by a mortar shell fired by the regime forces, and a man inside the house was also injured.

Than Lwin Times has not been able to confirm the fact that the fighting was reportedly triggered by the attack of a PDF Alliance on a regime’s camp.

As a result of the fighting between the two sides, local residents are taking refuge in shelters and monasteries, and there are also injured people, the Mobye social relief organization said.

During the battle, the junta forces occupied a car wash service and a church in Mobye, and arrested the owner of the car wash service without allowing him to go outside, the Mobye PDF said.

And Mobye PDFs warned the locals not to go around in the township.

After the military coup, there were frequent skirmishes between the regime forces and the PDF Alliance in Mobye.

 News – Than Lwin Times

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