Yanong, July (30)

Many are worried that the military council will carry out more executions of political prisoners who have been sentenced to death, the Association for the Assistance of Political Prisoners (AAPP) reported.

The military council announced on July 25 that the punishment for the democracy activists-Ko Jimme, Ko Phyo Zeyar Thaw, Ko Hla Myo Aung and Ko Aung Thura Zaw-has been conducted under the prison’s procedure.

As a result of this incident, there is concern among family members and the public, including the international community, that the death penalty will be imposed on those who have been sentenced to death, the official from the AAPP told Than Lwin Times.

“Currently, there are 76 people who have been sentenced to death in prison. All of us and the international community are worried about them. “We are worried that the military group will kill those who oppose them, like Ko Jimmy and Ko Zaya Thaw,” he said.

The military council told the BBC on July 28 that it will not execute all those sentenced to death, but will take legal action against those who deserve the death penalty multiple times depending on the crimes they have committed.

Veteran lawyer U Gyi Myint said that the military leader does not have the right to impose the death penalty, and if he does, he must be punished for murder under Section 302 (1) of the Penal Code.

He explained that “A convicted person can appeal to the District Court within 7 days and have the sentence commuted to life imprisonment. He or she could face 10 years in prison or be acquitted.”

If the death penalty is reconfirmed, it can be appealed to the Supreme Court within 60 days as a second criminal amendment, and they could receive a 10-year sentence or a dismissal.

According to the AAPP, as of July 28, there are 76 political prisoners who have been sentenced to death for their involvement in the Spring Revolution.

Among them, a man and a woman who were sentenced to death have been commuted to life imprisonment because of successful appeals, according to the AAPP.

The UN Security Council, the international community, and the ASEAN special envoy have condemned the military council’s execution of four pro-democracy activists and are worried about further executions.

News – Than Lwin Times

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